Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bob Paris - Official Gallery One 2012

Since, at times, it feels as if the internet is packed with twenty-five and thirty year old photos of me (mainly, it seems, in skimpy underpants -- and here I feel obliged to insert a big shout out to my parents, Bob and Diane, for the genetics that allowed me to -- seemingly -- pull that one off!) and since I haven't been a bodybuilder in more than twenty years (major yikes re: tick-tock; carpe diem, etc!) I felt I should post of few photos from my actual life. 

Bob Paris Hiking Near Home Official Bob Paris 2012 all rights reserved
For those who may not know, I don't run around my neighbourhood in teensy, questionably coloured bikini briefs, flexing my muscles for no apparent reason (In spite of what you may see pirated on the web, including the often flattering but sometimes bizarre comments posted there that, it appears, if I have this right -- and please correct me if I don't -- regard things that happened back in the 1980s as if they occurred last Wednesday afternoon). But, I digress. How unusual.

No, in fact for these past many years, I've been a full-time writer (and sometimes actor), dedicated to quality fiction and screenwriting, who returned quite a while ago to my life's true passion: Living a simple, fulfilling and grounded life of creativity and love, out in a glorious stretch of the British Columbia woods.

Bob Paris in the Studio Official Bob Paris 2012 all rights reserved 

Bob Paris and Brian LeFurgey Official Bob Paris 2012 all rights reserved

Bob Paris, Brian LeFurgey and Cole, Near Home, British Columbia Official Bob Paris 2012 all rights reserved

The cool thing is, I'm lucky enough to share this life, of which I so often dreamt as a fevered, nihilistic, yet wholly romantic, young man, with the true love of my life, my spouse/husband/partner/better-half of almost sixteen years (through thick and thin; life, health, illness and death, baby!) Brian LeFurgey (and at this point, dear reader, please pause as the crowd stands and roars for a genuinely unsung hero). And, of course there's Cole, our glorious and athletically studly standard poodle (and, trust me, as anyone who knows Cole can attest, standard poodle and studly are not contradictions; if he were human, Cole would be our retirement fund).
Bob Paris and Cole as a Puppy Official Bob Paris 2012 all rights reserved
So, what's my point? Just this: I sincerely wish every one of you only the best of happiness, of authenticity, of love, of genuine fulfilment. I realize it's become something of a cultural cliche, but please remember (and here I paraphrase): "The past doesn't necessarily equal the future." You can find your way out of any darkness. You can find your true passion in life and be bold enough to embrace it! And, it isn't sappy or naive to believe these things, to trust that they are universal, demonstrable truths. So, go in peace dear reader, go in peace. Please, be kind to one another.
Cheers from a fellow traveller,