Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bob Paris Bio

Bob Paris is a writer, actor, public speaker, social activist and former professional bodybuilder.

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By the time Bob was 23 years old he was a Mr. America and a Mr. Universe. In a matter of four years he went from being a homeless teenager to World Champion, becoming one of the most respected, celebrated, and photographed athletes in the history of bodybuilding.

Since then, he has traveled the world speaking on topics ranging from fitness and motivation, to self-esteem, overcoming adversity and personal wellness. He has been nominated Lecturer of the Year on the national collegiate speaking circuit and has received widespread recognition for his extensive philanthropic efforts.

Also a classically trained actor, Bob has performed to strong notices at the regional level, and made his New York stage debut, at Carnegie Hall, in the Herbert Ross directed production of JUBILEE. In 2009, he performed in a recurring role on the ABC television drama, DEFYING GRAVITY.

As a fitness and fashion model, Bob’s image has been captured by the world’s foremost photographers, including Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts.

Bob Paris is the author of seven books.

His fitness books include, BEYOND BUILT, FLAWLESS, NATURAL FITNESS and PRIME. They are considered to be among the most authoritative, expertly written and user-friendly fitness books ever published.

Bob has also written three critically acclaimed works of personal memoir. His novelistic memoir, GORILLA SUIT, has been called the greatest book ever written about coming of age in the world of bodybuilding. Kirkus Reviews called it, “Surprisingly eloquent...At once empathetic and scathing.” The L.A. Times declared that with GORILLA SUIT, “Paris is at his lyrical best.”

Bob is presently writing the novel, THE PRESERVATIONIST. Also a screenwriter, his current projects include the feature film GROW.

He lives with his spouse of nearly sixteen years, Brian LeFurgey, and their standard poodle, Cole, out in the woods, on an island near Vancouver, British Columbia.