Saturday, 6 July 2013

Authentic Living: The Bookstore Test

I realize that I place a great deal of emphasis on authentic living.  Question is, how is one to discover, hone and follow the true path of their life?  I would suggest that it’s essential to identify what gets you up in the morning and excites your mind.  It also entails asking yourself some key questions, often in the form of imaginary play-acting.
Bob Paris official 2013 all rights reserved
For example, because I’m passionate about books, I frequently perform what I call the “bookstore test.”  It goes like this:  Imagine you’ve just entered a vast and comprehensive bookstore.  Without giving the matter any conscious thought, which section would you be pulled toward, as if by magnetic force?  Me, I’d make an immediate bee-line for the “New Fiction” section and then spend hours reading random pages from dozens of novels and short-story collections.  This tells me something vital. 

Many years ago, playing out the “bookstore test” helped me confirm that it was time to leave the fitness business, to pursue more authentic ambitions.  Now, by sharing this example, I’m not trying to diminish my previous work; I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to share my experience with others.  It’s more a matter of keeping life elastic, moving and liquid – adjusting course as we evolve and grow. 

Have a great weekend.