Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring Equinox 2014 by Bob Paris (c)

Behind shuttered eyes
Another winter fades from view
Life springs in this meadow
While swiftened mind
Conjures buzzing splendor
Daydreamer heart overflooded
Nightdreamer soul cuts its path
The pregnant restless river
Pulled down to the sea
Seeking mingle
Fresh with salt
Fir and cedar stand in stoic witness
Bud and blade
Nettle and daffodil
Revel in their fleeting

Photo: Brian LeFurgey ©
Spring Equinox 2014 © by Bob Paris

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Excerpt: GORILLA SUIT by Bob Paris (c)

Rediscovering the Accidentally Discovered


Late Spring, 1977 – Southern Indiana 


“Cummin’s Book Store was in downtown Columbus.  They had the best newsstand in town.  I went in one afternoon looking for the latest issue of my favorite backpacking magazine and ran across a copy of ‘Muscle Builder’ on the shelf.  On the cover was a picture of some guy named Schwarzenegger, doing an exercise with his gigantic arm up over his head and a straining grimace on his face.  His sweaty, dark hair hung down in his face, and he had on a light-colored tank top, and the arm and hand that weren’t over his head was grabbing on to a bench of some kind, the fingers squeezing into the brown leather, fingernails white from the pressure. 

photo: Art Zeller 1989 (c) Bob Paris all rights reserved

I began to pore through the pages, devouring the pictures of these guys training and showing their tremendously muscled bodies, bursting out of T-shirts or without shirts on or flexing on a beach with mountains in the background…According to what I could tell…these men occupied a terrific kingdom all their own, out in California.”
Excerpted from: GORILLA SUIT © by Bob Paris (St. Martin’s Press, 1997, all rights reserved ISBN 0-312-16855-1)

FORWARD by Bob Paris

We ask
Shall strength derive
One moment mere
One blink
Shadow flung
Cry prayer plea
Heart tipped to overfill
Surge swiftened
In a course
Beyond supple breast
Past bellow
Beat beat flow
Ebb tide wanes
Flames alight
That far horizon
The one just there
Before us
After us
And in this instant
Once more
My fellows
We rise and go
FORWARD by Bob Paris 3.1.2014 all rights reserved
Photo by: Brian LeFurgey 2014 all rights reserved