Wednesday, 28 May 2014

MY DAY by Bob Paris (c)

Another day begins
In six am light
Along a bank of lucky windows
Portholes of my exile in paradise
Motes waltz at gravity’s edge
Trees echo the gossip of robins
Deer by the woods savor yard daisies
Half hidden down the end of the drive
Along the forest draped road
School bus inhales young laughter
A retriever gobbles perfumed air
Beloved human towed in exultant wake
I leave the womb warmth
Descending toward life
This life
This grand and full bloom drawing in and out
Of sloughing off and growth anew
Bob Paris official 2014 all rights reserved
By Bob Paris © 5/28/2014
All rights reserved

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Am I to paddle the same canoe
In manhood as in youth
Shall I remain always back there
In heart and memory and voice
Unchanged still
Floating on an easy pond
Bent to what unfolded
Scattered yesterdays before
Will I evermore play
With my childhood toys
Official Bob Paris all rights reserved 2014

Or do my eyes see here
Further on
Much further on
A place beyond limitation
Past conforming to the rebellion
Of a bygone ghost
Does not life move
Sweet as a tumbling mountain river
Toward the ever shifting horizon
Of today

(c) By Bob Paris
May 7, 2014
all rights reserved