Thursday, 12 June 2014

Flash Goes the Sizzle by Bob Paris (c) 2014

Official Bob Paris 2014 all rights reserved

What amount shall life amount
Through what clear pool to dive
This full accounted jumble intrigue
This purview sinew retinue salute
Grand view to view this view
What a view
Glorious O glorious O glory glory
Alliteration alteration incantation exclamation
Should do can do will do
Getter dunn
Astride this mountain highest
Sing exception chant exception
Oh exalted vantage point
City burns upon that hill
Along horizon tinted salmon
Cumulus doth flow apace
Mackerel ozone skitter skitter
On this altar shared with Isaac
By buy bye abide
Quiver hand yet hesitates
Or shall adhere remit awaiting
Anoint awake will not escape
Yet not on time or is it is it
Everlasting everafter evergiven evercraven
All embraced yet not arisen
Et fruition beyond beyond
Beyond beyond right here unfolded
The hoarsened chant a shriveled bellow
And yet and yet and yet again
Bounds around this too too mortal flash
Acclaim profane exclaim attain
Amounts again to what
'Flash Goes the Sizzle'  by Bob Paris (c) all rights reserved
photo by Brian LeFurgey (c) all rights reserved