Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ELUSIVE by Bob Paris 9.24.2014 © all rights reserved

Them millions of lights flick elusive
For here my gut feelings reveal
An orbit pulsed through
By a sure thing
Won’t wriggle away as an eel
Yea that’s right
You read right
A glittering shimmering electrified eel
That million gazillion megawatt eel
Glides over the brim of us worldly
Deep under the waters in there
And I can see tail flick and vanish
As a whisper trails an echo
Which leads me to wonder
And ponder
And wonder
In ragged and curlicue loops
Which is it what is it
This life we be sweating
Each movement each gesture
A fret or bloodletting
Be it heaven or hell
Or a purgative wash
All over our bodies
Away down that gulch
Does it matter at all
Will it flick yet a jot
There it is there it goes
As the eons do tumble
Here we go yet again
Do discuss 

ELUSIVE by Bob Paris 9.24.2014 © all rights reserved

Saturday, 13 September 2014

THAT VELVET MIDNIGHT by Bob Paris © 9.12.2014

This midnight realm above
Like scattered diamonds
Tossed by a reckless goddess
Over a departing shoulder
Burnt by late summer sun
To fall hither skither
On that rumpled bedspread
Of black
That we call this night sky
Around these alien parts
Forever separated
Forever together
Where Apollo fleets
And Diana quivers
Down to the underworld of Pluto
And away to the far reaches of Aries
Of always and beyond
Under the stern and squinted gaze
Remind me
I forgot which day this is
It happens

Which era
Which lamb are we to slaughter
What alms shall be offered
In deference to pregnant thunder
To threat of everlasting retribution

Avert the flame alighted
This ripened fruit that bursts upon
An exacted altar
What song doth please
The ever shifting realm
Which passage true
Which false

No matter
For above me spreads a diamond scattered
Rumpled cloth
Black velvet yet a moment
Then peach and violet at each edge
Then spectral
And my heart beats on
As does yours my darling
As does yours 

THAT VELVET MIDNIGHT by Bob Paris © 9.12.2014 all rights reserved