Friday, 24 April 2015

The Beaten Whir by Bob Paris (c)2015

Out there along that distant point
In here around my beaten whir
Race yet along leapt paradox
That takes me here nor there 

And when I see your shadow fall
Upon the path doth lead yet yonder
Past hallow come and ghost upon
This rubble in mine breast


Then I shall know beyond all doubt
A truer heart not ever known
This rose upon my vision hast
A dying breath bequeathed 

My darling oh my darling love
I sing you yet to heaven’s shore
For up from this here pyre of bone
A flame licks all the sky 

You were you were so young
So fair
So eager to go forward
And I shall sing you evermore
Here in my beaten whir

By Bob Paris ©2015 all rights reserved