Friday, 22 May 2015

MAY by Bob Paris © 5.22.2015

Shall this heart break half in two
Or will it be three ragged pieces served
Cold in a morning fog that
Sees me here at my spot as ever
Yet needed my gaze over there at
That urgent place you told me about
Late in the day
And now you’ve lost me
So it seems
Can you hear me hear me hear me
Will you reach me giant step as an infant crawls
Unyielding yet staring with hooded ayes
And a host of goddesses bring forth
Snap snap, snap snap
Sing melodies of brown eggs
Gathered on this expectant May dawn
That pushes toward a flowering
Of bluebottles and cakewing baker bees
And swallowtails swirling in early light
Irreducible to merest neutron and
Flattened earth rounded by breath
Yawning gorges stretched across the gap
Between the wing and the petal
Each one shouldered up against a rusty screen
That barely keeps me from knowing
Your heart as well as I do (or maybe don’t)
Know my own
Is that the answer you have long longed for
For which you have long longed
Perhaps it’s something else altogether
Oh look
MAY by Bob Paris © 5.22.2015