Thursday, 31 December 2015

On New Year’s Eve 2015 By Bob Paris ©2015

Along this star washed road walking
We see all around the promise of
A vast and sacred sky and there
Angels wave to goddess and beyond
To sun and moon and cedar shadowed
Oh shining mourn gently touched
Sung out boldly from rippled memory
Thou shalt never find a heart so aflame
Burnt intertwine with this spectral oh
Remember oh remember
Oh do you darling mine
Magnificent gods race through frosted glade
Whispering bough dances with a kiss
While night lay bled and day crouches hidden
Behind racing tide before a door that opens
As love comes on a lingering flicker
Of perfumed and expectant wind

On New Year’s Eve 2015
By Bob Paris ©2015
Photo: Brian LeFurgey (taken as I was writing this poem)

Sunday, 20 December 2015

WINTER SOLSTICE 2015 By Bob Paris ©

You are lovely to me as that moon
Waxing gibbous now above
This distant dapple canvas oh so near
In the spread of four o’clock dusk
Crawling proudly as ample fog afloat
Our favorite riverbank near the rush
Of blue ice tumbled over mossy stones
And light with me together candlewicks
That we might sing ourselves hopeful toward
The promise of tomorrow’s brighter dawning

WINTER SOLSTICE 2015 By Bob Paris ©