Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

#BetterLateThanNever #SummerSolstice2017  In the yard with Cole (and Brian, behind the camera), lifting one to celebrate the amazing Solstice.

Everlast shall summer sun alight
Sustain our dance upon

Twirl waltz floor here assembled
Ancestor dust and breath and hope
Shadow forms alas forgotten
Passed along a road
In chase of grand repute
Gather ash yet swim apace 
In strokes along linger trespass
Horizon expands expectant
For this child of tomorrow
Raise a glass
Beat thy breast
Jump yon fire
Sing hosanna
Hesitant twilight yet the forest calls
Shall it storm this eve in light
As the lamb recalls first springtime 

On Solstice Night 2014
By Bob Paris (c) all rights reserved

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