Friday, 24 April 2015

The Beaten Whir by Bob Paris (c)2015

Out there along that distant point
In here around my beaten whir
Race yet along leapt paradox
That takes me here nor there 

And when I see your shadow fall
Upon the path doth lead yet yonder
Past hallow come and ghost upon
This rubble in mine breast


Then I shall know beyond all doubt
A truer heart not ever known
This rose upon my vision hast
A dying breath bequeathed 

My darling oh my darling love
I sing you yet to heaven’s shore
For up from this here pyre of bone
A flame licks all the sky 

You were you were so young
So fair
So eager to go forward
And I shall sing you evermore
Here in my beaten whir

By Bob Paris ©2015 all rights reserved

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sea of Tranquility by Bob Paris

You ask through rolling tears of both joy and loss
Does time exist at all these single millisecond jolts
And I respond that I will tell you in a moment
Because I’ll be that much older and hopefully
Wise against a tide that pulls me toward the
Sea of Tranquility
There upon that moon which has followed me and you
And all of us bound together
Throughout each breath and every heartbeat and prayer
Thousand upon million upon infinity
So that we might greet this New Blossomed Year
With a hope that
Love shadows each day with brilliantine lumens
That comfort strokes each nighttime dreamscape even in day
With gentle rocking pulse and lips pressed against the odds
Ahead around against and before and tomorrow and always
Sea of Tranquility, New Year’s Day 2015 © Bob Paris all rights reserved

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

To Family, Friends and Fans everywhere:  Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
May the New Year bring you and yours much peace, health, love and happiness!

Monday, 22 December 2014

WINTER SOLSTICE 2014 by Bob Paris (c)

Fear not this dark, dear companion
Luxuriant depth swallows whole
A hundred million questions tenfold
That you carry on your heart but silent
Hidden away for a moment fleeting
Down in this valley of the moon
Rejoice that we are here, sweet shadow
For how shall we truly know light
Now so far away beyond that ridge
Except to cradle her twin sister
Tender as a newborn
Understanding that at least
Our next step leads upward
Toward a racing star
So sing with me, my true friend
A fresh Winter’s knowing dirge
Enfolded in this depth, we’ll go now
And leave behind all fear 

WINTER SOLSTICE 2014 by Bob Paris (c)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

DECISION by Bob Paris (A Snippet of Prose Poetry) (c) 12.4.2014

"We arrive on the scene at a flutter of indecision. Picture it. 

Here he is, paused upon a moment of great import. See him teeter along the edge of things. Neither flute nor oxen, nor paw-paw pie. Between and beholden. He can feel it, there in his chest, gnawing a lung and shoving a shoulder against his ribs. He knows that turning back would be simple. Like switching off the stove. Like brushing dust off a shoe. Like saying goodbye. Until next time, perhaps. But here’s the thing. In spite of this lukewarm handsaw wind, he chooses. He steps forward, through the door marked ‘Do Not Enter.’ The circling hawk calls out that nothing will ever be the same again. And that makes him very happy, indeed. Oh, indeed. It’s thus decided."

DECISION by Bob Paris (A Snippet of Prose Poetry) (c) 12.4.2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallow Eve

Wind down all these days on a duskscape
Sung out along hilltops yet dreamt
My heart feels naught but a whisper
Cross clouds filled with moments yet spent
On a dust gathered hallow before me
I search all around these remains
On this eve when departed come calling
Cry thee well my soul’s fullest name
Hallow Eve by Bob Paris © 2014 all rights reserved

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ELUSIVE by Bob Paris 9.24.2014 © all rights reserved

Them millions of lights flick elusive
For here my gut feelings reveal
An orbit pulsed through
By a sure thing
Won’t wriggle away as an eel
Yea that’s right
You read right
A glittering shimmering electrified eel
That million gazillion megawatt eel
Glides over the brim of us worldly
Deep under the waters in there
And I can see tail flick and vanish
As a whisper trails an echo
Which leads me to wonder
And ponder
And wonder
In ragged and curlicue loops
Which is it what is it
This life we be sweating
Each movement each gesture
A fret or bloodletting
Be it heaven or hell
Or a purgative wash
All over our bodies
Away down that gulch
Does it matter at all
Will it flick yet a jot
There it is there it goes
As the eons do tumble
Here we go yet again
Do discuss 

ELUSIVE by Bob Paris 9.24.2014 © all rights reserved