Summer Solstice 2017

Everlast shall summer sun alight / Sustain our dance upon / Twirl waltz floor here assembled / Ancestor dust and breath and hope / Shadow forms alas forgotten / Passed along a road / In chase of grand repute / Gather ash yet swim apace / In strokes along linger trespass / Horizon expands expectant / For this child of tomorrow / Raise a glass / Beat thy breast / Jump yon fire / Sing hosanna / Hesitant twilight yet the forest calls / Shall it storm this eve in light / As the lamb recalls first springtime 

On Solstice Night 2014 by Bob Paris (c) all rights reserved

Spring Equinox 2017 (with flashback poetry and portrait)

Behind shuttered eyes / Another winter fades from view / Life springs in this meadow / While swiftened mind / Conjures buzzing splendor / Daydreamer heart overflooded / Nightdreamer soul cuts its path / The pregnant restless river / Pulled down to the sea / Seeking mingle / Fresh with salt / Fir and cedar stand in stoic witness / Bud and blade / Nettle and daffodil / Revel in their fleeting

Spring Equinox 2014 © by Bob Paris


Would you believe me if I told you / Can I tell if you believe me / When I ask these very questions / Every day yeah every day / And would you like me if you knew me / Will I like you when I know you / Will the world start spinning backward / Any day / Yeah any day / Would you see me if I showed up / Can I ask you now to hold me / Since I ask these very questions / Any day yeah any day / And would you hate me if you knew me / Will the world keep spinning backward / Every day / Yeah every day now / Any day / Yeah any day

ANY DAY YEAH ANY DAY by Bob Paris ©2017

UNTITLED 11.22.2016

Ask the wind and the rocks

How we shall ever breathe

That sweet flow of springtime

Ever last ever fleeting

And I will sing to you a dirge

Of lives cast down upon seas

Ever restless and then

Build a shrine to knowing

Unwound as yarn across

A cold stone floor

That this though ought

Oh downcast gaze oh aye

Here is a meadow even

A sun dapple side glance

If it be a dream of loss and

Yet I lay me down under

Gathered midnight

UNTITLED 11/22/2016

By Bob Paris (c)

photo: Art Zeller, 1990 (c) Bob Paris