INFINITE HEART by Bob Paris 5.3.2015 (c)

A golden day sings me

Sweet surrender and thus

It is in my nature to answer

Each call in kind

So I say to the trees

How are you today

And they reply that they are just fine

Ta sure ta very much and so

The sun falls on my neck and I move

My chaise lounge over to the shade

Of a fully flowered lilac

That has grown toward the south

Over so many years

And years

Sweet melody grand symphony

The fat robin sings ore there yonder

Ruby throat fleeting wing

A swarm floats through

Of hummingbirds like jets over

The place my dreams singled out for me

As a boy with his head

On a late springtime pillow

Plotting paradise in the bows of

An everlasting infinite heart

INFINITE HEART by Bob Paris 5.3.2015 (c)