HEY THERE BUD by Bob Paris ©9-15-2015

Shall glory be cut along this wind

That is but unquenched inside a thirst

For the eye that seizes a glimpse

Of what not the beating heart might see

On a mirror set dark and marching to

A bagpipe and snare-drum tune wailing

Toward what or where or how or when

Might draw a billow of pure undying light

And song and mirth and melancholy smiles

On that branch that was but yesterday

A bud so overfilled by promise

Bucked up upon this wind

HEY THERE BUD by Bob Paris ©9-15-2015

Photo ©Bob Paris 1996 all rights reserved

TO LINGER By Bob Paris

This hank of life that waits on none

More than a glance shimmered across

Wire and coupling that hold a heart such

As mine together along switchback trails

Into clouds that ring mountaintop and down

Among volcanic coolness held in a whispered

Fault line that bears no image of fault

Or reason or impulse or single explanation

Nor belief nor doors flung open by wind

Made visible and haunting inside

Swirls round to find a mind unstilled

By steady race of pulse and blood and light

And pause in which to linger


By Bob Paris © 8.25.2015

INFINITE HEART by Bob Paris 5.3.2015 (c)

A golden day sings me

Sweet surrender and thus

It is in my nature to answer

Each call in kind

So I say to the trees

How are you today

And they reply that they are just fine

Ta sure ta very much and so

The sun falls on my neck and I move

My chaise lounge over to the shade

Of a fully flowered lilac

That has grown toward the south

Over so many years

And years

Sweet melody grand symphony

The fat robin sings ore there yonder

Ruby throat fleeting wing

A swarm floats through

Of hummingbirds like jets over

The place my dreams singled out for me

As a boy with his head

On a late springtime pillow

Plotting paradise in the bows of

An everlasting infinite heart

INFINITE HEART by Bob Paris 5.3.2015 (c)

DECISION by Bob Paris (A Snippet of Prose Poetry) (c) 12.4.2014

"We arrive on the scene at a flutter of indecision. Picture it. Here he is, paused upon a moment of great import. See him teeter along the edge of things. Neither flute nor oxen, nor paw-paw pie. Between and beholden. He can feel it, there in his chest, gnawing a lung and shoving a shoulder against his ribs. He knows that turning back would be simple. Like switching off the stove. Like brushing dust off a shoe. Like saying goodbye. Until next time, perhaps. But here’s the thing. In spite of this lukewarm handsaw wind, he chooses. He steps forward, through the door marked ‘Do Not Enter.’ The circling hawk calls out that nothing will ever be the same again. And that makes him very happy, indeed. Oh, indeed. It’s thus decided."

DECISION by Bob Paris (A Snippet of Prose Poetry) (c) 12.4.2014

ELUSIVE by Bob Paris 9.24.2014 © all rights reserved

Them millions of lights flick elusive

For here my gut feelings reveal

An orbit pulsed through

By a sure thing

Won’t wriggle away as an eel

Yeah that’s right

You read right

A glittering shimmering electrified eel

That million gazillion megawatt eel

Glides over the brim of us worldly

Deep under the waters in there

And I can see tail flick and vanish

As a whisper trails an echo

Which leads me to wonder

And ponder

And wonder In ragged and curlicue loops

Which is it what is it

This life we be sweating E

ach movement each gesture

A fret or bloodletting

Be it heaven or hell

Or a purgative wash

All over our bodies

Away down that gulch

Does it matter at all

Will it flick yet a jot

There it is there it goes

As the eons do tumble

Here we go yet again

Do discuss
ELUSIVE by Bob Paris 9.24.2014 © all rights reserved

BETWEEN by Bob Paris © 8.6.2014

Noble heart yearning soul

Quickened by longing requited

Calmed through acts undertaken

Moved with force as if amplified

By crackling strings that run

To stars and firmament and faraway

Ground of ties to the space in between

Molecule and movement

Wave and particle and arcing light

All that weaves in mighty quiet

These laneways of shimmered stillness

In transit of a single knowing smile

BETWEEN by Bob Paris © 8.6.2014