TO LINGER By Bob Paris

This hank of life that waits on none

More than a glance shimmered across

Wire and coupling that hold a heart such

As mine together along switchback trails

Into clouds that ring mountaintop and down

Among volcanic coolness held in a whispered

Fault line that bears no image of fault

Or reason or impulse or single explanation

Nor belief nor doors flung open by wind

Made visible and haunting inside

Swirls round to find a mind unstilled

By steady race of pulse and blood and light

And pause in which to linger


By Bob Paris © 8.25.2015

WINTER SOLSTICE 2014 by Bob Paris (c)

Fear not this dark, dear companion / Luxuriant depth swallows whole / A hundred million questions tenfold / That you carry on your heart but silent / Hidden away for a moment fleeting / Down in this valley of the moon / Rejoice that we are here, sweet shadow / For how shall we truly know light / Now so far away beyond that ridge / Except to cradle her twin sister / Tender as a newborn / Understanding that at least / Our next step leads upward / Toward a racing star / So sing with me, my true friend / A fresh Winter’s knowing dirge / Enfolded in this depth, we’ll go now / And leave behind all fear

WINTER SOLSTICE 2014 by Bob Paris (c)